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The Rocky Horror Show (2017)

Scenic design by Kerry Cripe; Costume design by Natalie Linnea Reutimann; Lighting design by Kerry Cripe, Ian McMorran, and Reed Otto; Choreography by Marla Schulz and Samm Wesler.

Featuring Hayden Bebber, Aaron Bloom, Dillon Colagrosso, Elise Collins, Eli Davis, Dane Fisher, Ian Fraser, Sam Hardy, Hattie Houser, Brendan Lynch, Thea McKay, Scout Noah, Sarah Rand, Melanie Sarkesian, Michael Tandy, Liz Williamson.

PC: Patrick Campbell, CU Boulder Strategic Relations

Shakespeare and the Stars (2016)

An original piece developed with Fiske Planetarium, adapted from text from all 37 of Shakespeare's plays referring to the cosmos.  This 75 minute performance illuminated the relationship between Shakespearean references and the astronomical discoveries of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Featuring Nolan Carey, Eddy Jordan, Bernadette Sefic, and Cameron Varner.

PC: Matthew Benjamin, Fiske Planetarium

Macbeth (2013)

Scenic design by Karter Deane; Costume design by December Mattisen; Lighting and Projection design by Kate Anderson; Fight choreography by Benaiah Anderson.

Featuring India Chapelle-Wanebo, Dillon Colagrosso, Chas Crawford, Claire Cuthbert, Ashleigh Evans, David Goldberger, Brittany Handler, Tucker Johnston, James Miller, Brenton Schwartz, Jackson Smith.

PC: Casey Cass, CU Boulder Strategic Relations

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) (2013)

2013 CUOnstage Fringe Festival

Featuring Tucker Johnston, James Miller, and Brendan Milove.

PC: Shannon Noel Gonzalez

Tick Tock: The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (2013)